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The following comments are from our valued customers. We thank them for their kind words.

See for yourself what sets us apart! 

Chris Burke is an artist with stone as his medium. He has a wonderful capacity to listen to his clients and incorporate their wishes into his creative design. Throughout the construction of our home on Squam Lake, Chris searched his personal field of stone and one-by-one selected the right shaped stone for use at our home. I never thought I would feel or say this, but Chris makes stones come alive.

Arlene McLaren

Dear Chris and Crew:

Awesome! As I sit here on our dock in late October I gaze in amazement at the quality of work you completed at Chalet Cheerio. The entire process, from our initial meeting to the final clean up, has been nothing but a pleasure. The transition from design stage to implementation was seamless. Although working on our more than difficult lot was always a challenge you rose to the occasion to make it all work. The natural stone staircase was completed quickly and with the historical significance of the lakehouse in mind. It looks like it has been there since 1930! Even in our absence through part of this process we never once doubted the outcome of the project. You truly are a master.

The second phase of the project, which were the arches beneath the porch, is nothing short of breathtaking. We struggled with the design of this project because we needed it to look like it had been there since the original building of the camp in 1930. You and your crew made this happen easily. The arches are the talk of all the friends that visit via the lake, and it is exciting to us each time we walk up from the dock.The perfection shown in the uniformity of the arches is outstanding, yet each arch also has its own "personality". Our guests love looking for the special touches you put in just for us!

In the third stage of the project you had to come up with a plan to put a foundation under our already existing garage/loft. Again, perfection was met. The foundation looks like that from a turn of the century barn, exactly what we were looking for. Your team's flair for design runs strong and is a core value of your whole business. The manner in which you completed the walkways from the driveway to the house and the garage also was top quality. Working around the outcroppings was not even a challenge for you!

The final stage of the project was an afterthought that you again tackled with ease. The stonewall flanking the driveway makes a dramatic entrance for the camp we so love. All of your work truly is a piece of art.

Most importantly though Chris is the manner in which your team carried themselves throughout our very busy summer. You were never obtrusive and always accommodating to whatever guests we had at the lake. You easily worked around the craziness of all our guests and kids without ever complaining. Your professionalism matches your outstanding work ethic. It was our pleasure, and that of our guests, to greet you every morning, many times with questions and ideas we were having throughout the project.

Working with you, from beginning to end, is an experience we would recommend to anyone. You not only are a seasoned artisan, but a gentleman who is true to his word. Your crew is a fine representation of you and your business.

We look forward to working with you again next summer, and feel free in the meantime to share our contact information to anyone needing a reference.

With great thanks,

Brian Fortier

We asked Chris from Christopher A Burke Stone Masonry and Stone Sales to design and install a back door and connecting garage entry for our summer home keeping the area “natural’ looking. What a beautiful plan he designed! Bluestone bands were used for the garage entry and large irregular bluestone was used leading to the farmer’s porch. An appropriate size granite step was installed leading to the house entry. Although we were out of state when the work was done, the end product is just what we hoped for. In addition to the stone work we asked to be done, Chris moved a couple of shrubs that interfered with the construction site, and carefully replanted them. He added loam and reseeded the area leaving the site in perfect condition. We were so pleased with the job, we asked Chris to return to repair a stone wall we have that has been slowly deteriorating. Again, we couldn’t have asked for a better job. He obviously has the talent for design and construction and an appreciation for the natural beauty of stone.

-D & K Ericson

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